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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a luxury no one wants to pass up on. This is especially true when the weather starts getting hot out and keeping the windows open isn’t an option. What happens when that air conditioner fails to start or blows nothing but warm air?

Central air conditioning cost can range from $3000 to over $7000 on average depending on the air conditioning installation company, size of unit needed, where you live and other items like air ducts which may need to be addressed.

Read further to learn what goes into the cost along with tips to help you save.

What affects the cost of your air conditioner?

Pre-Installation Evaluation

A pre-installation evaluation Is the first step to a proper installation. This is a calculation that allows the Air conditioning Company to measure how much Heat your house gains throughout the day. Knowing this measurement will allow the contractor to know the proper size air conditioning unit needed. 

Unit Size

Naturally, the bigger the air conditioner tonnage size, the more it will potentially cost. For example, a 2 ton air conditioner will cost less than the 2.5 ton air conditioner. 

NOTE: The tonnage of the air conditioner Is the term that describes how much heat and air conditioner can remove from a house within 1 hour. 

Where You Live

Depending on where you live,  air conditioning installation can cost more than other areas. This is because of a few things that need to get factored in: 

  • How populated of an area you live in 
  • The average amount of heat throughout the year your area receives

Living in the more populated area generally results in higher costs for air conditioning installation as compared to a lower populated area. For example, living in a big City generally costs more for the unit and installation then it wouldn’t for a small town.

Also, air conditioning installations generally cost more for areas with more heat throughout the year like Florida as compared to somewhere more northern like Minnesota. 


The Air Conditioning Company

This is a big factor. Prices can vary greatly depending on the company. This is something I personally experienced.Getting quotes from three different companies ended up resulting in a $3,700 difference for me, which was huge! 

Granted, there was a difference in air conditioning models.  However, in my case, I received better pricing, better warranties and  quicker installation from the air conditioning company that was least priced. 

Existing Ductwork

If upgrading to central air conditioning, your existing ductwork may not be able to handle the airflow of a new central air conditioning unit. Also, there may not be room for the refrigerant line or coil the air conditioner needs. 

4 tips to help you save when shopping for a new air conditioner

1. Repair or Replacement

You may be surprised, but many times there is a small or much less expensive repair which can be made to get your unit back running. Have your unit looked at by a trained professional to be assessed and obtain an estimated cost to repair. Then compare that to the price of a new install. Finally, call a few more services to see what they say about your unit and how much to repair or replace it.

Doing this exact method saved me thousands for a few years by simply repairing small parts of the unit which lasted a season here and there until a few years later when I finally took the plunge to get a new air conditioner installation.

2. Timing is everything!

Along with deciding whether to repair or replace your current unit, think about repairing the unit for it to last a few months. Since HVAC contractors are usually really busy during the hot times of the year, you can find better deals and discounts when they are not as busy and looking for work. Scheduling your air conditioner installation in the spring or fall may help you save and provide a much faster turn around rate.

3. Look for those rebates and tax credits

There are a number of money-saving opportunities through manufacturers, utility companies and local governments. In fact, by entering your zip code in the Use the Energy Star rebate finder, you can start to easily find opportunities like mail in rebates.

4. Shop Around

This is the BEST tip I can give! Too many people just do not shop around or do not shop around enough and with websites like The Morris Company, you can shop easier than you used to. One simple request can quickly get three quotes from three different businesses.

I highly encourage shopping around. Why? Well when my air conditioner went out, shopping around saved me $3700! That’s not a miss-print. By shopping around, I found a local HVAC service company which could save me a ton!


As you can see, there are a number of factors that can alter the price of an air conditioning installation. Upgrading to a new central air conditioning unit, the business you decide to choose for your installation, the size of the unit you will need and number of other factors all factor into how much it will cost for a new air conditioner. 


Following these tips, you should have a good idea what to look for. Your next step is to find a qualified professional. Look below or do your own search through our website to find the business which is right for you.

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