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Appliance Servicing

Appliance servicing is unfortunately a needed part of owning an appliance. Whether you do the servicing or you get a company to assist, it is eventually needed on any appliance you purchase.

For example, you just bought that brand new washing machine you’ve been wanting. Congratulations! However, what happens when it does not perform like it is supposed to, it starts making noise, does not power on or a slew of other possible problems? Who do you call and what will be involved?

When you purchase an appliance you are looking for it to perform year after year. They usually work hard and usually without too many problems. However, after an appliance ages, the appliances break down and you need to get them repaired. So, after you cool down from getting upset that it is not working, your first thought is probably “now how much is this going to cost?“

You have two options. You can either hire an appliance servicing professional or you can fix it yourself and save some money. In this article we will cover hiring a professional to fix it. We will discuss what companies charge, the brands which are generally serviced and warranties most companies offer. 


Brands Serviced

To start off, most companies service all major appliance brands like GE, LG Maytag and Whirlpool. However, depending on the brand of your appliance, you may need to reach out to a few different appliance servicing companies to see if they will repair your appliance. 


Appliance Servicing Costs

Unlike repairing an appliance yourself where you just buy the part needed and repair it, when hiring an appliance servicing company, there are a few additional fees involved beyond just the needed part. 

Service call and diagnosis fees are generally charged. This could be a fee of around $75 to $99 which pays for the trip to your home and a full diagnosis of your appliance. Please note that this does not cover parts or labor. Also, if you are in need of more than one appliance to be repaired, there may be an additional fee (sometimes half the cost of the initial fee) to diagnose each additional appliance.

Next is the cost for the part. This cost can vary from one company to another, but is usually around the same price for most. The biggest influencer in the cost for parts is which part needs to be replaced. For example, a drive hub on a washing machine will not cost as much as new tension springs. Each part has its own price and the amount you pay will vary depending on the part needed.

Labor is the final pricing point when hiring an appliance servicing company. Labor varies from business to business. Many times a business will charge a flat rate for certain projects that will be completed within an hour or less. However, for more complex jobs like the time involved to repair an appliance or the location of the repair being challenging, these rates tend to be charged at an hourly rate.



Each company offers warranties on their services. These warranties tend to vary from business to business. However, they all tend to offer close to the same:

  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • 90 Days Labor (on installed parts)
  • 90 Days on Service Call

Having the warranty can mean the difference between paying for another part and doing the repair all over again yourself or having a technician come and do the repair for no charge. 


Tips for longer appliance life

Everyone wants their appliances to last as long as possible so here are a few tips which can help make them last as long as possible:

  • Keep dust and debris clear from under and around your appliances. This is especially true for appliances like your refrigerators, freezers and dryers.
    • Keeping dirt away from the condenser on your refrigerator and/or freezer helps the appliance breathe better and therefore not work is hard and prevents overheating.
    • Keeping dirt and debris out of a dryer’s vents will help the appliance dry your clothes faster and prevent overworking or overheating. 
  • Look into warranties before calling an appliance servicing company. If the appliance is under warranty, the manufacturer will pay to have the appliance fixed or replaced. You may even want to consider springing for an extended warranty which will give you the extended time you just may need. Usually, the cost for the extended warranty is less than the cost to have a company come and repair the appliance.

As you have read, you have two choices when it comes to repairing your appliance. You can either fix it yourself or you can hire an appliance servicing company. There are fees involved in both but generally tend to be less when servicing yourself. However, when servicing an appliance yourself, there are no warranties included, unlike a servicing company which offers warranties on parts, labor and their servicing calls. The choice in which you proceed is up to you. 

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