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Carpet Cleaning

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

Carpet cleaning helps clean all the bacteria and other debris which is trapped in your carpet. A ton of dirt, dust mites, pet hair, pet urine, dead skin, mold, and other disgusting things can be stuck in your carpet which can cause reactions like allergies to be set off.

Carpet cleaning is charged per room or by square footage and fluctuates in price depending on the carpet cleaning method. Steam cleaning, dry cleaning and do it yourself are the three different methods which will determine price.

Cost For Different Carpet Cleaning Methods


Cost for each different method will range in price. To start, the DIY (or do-it-yourself) method will be your cheapest option, but will require you to do the work and either purchase or rent the needed tools. Generally, you can rent a carpet cleaner for around $50 and the solution costs around $10. 

As stated, you will need to do the work, plus stain removal and cleaning stairs can be challenging. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most popular carpet cleaning method used by professional carpet cleaners. This method is where high pressure pushes hot water onto the carpet along with a cleaning solution and then is sucked up through a vacuum. This method usually costs around $200 to $300 for a 2000 square foot home. The downside to this method is that it generally takes 24 hours for the carpet to dry. 

Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning Methodist where chemicals are used along with a small amount of water. The cleaning machine then uses a rotary type action to loosen dirt and immediately suck it up.The average cost for this cleaning method ranges from $300 to $600 for a 2000 square foot home.

 Things To Think About

Steam cleaning is the most popular method used, because this method actually does a deep cleaning of your carpet. As mentioned, it does take an average of 24 hours for the carpet to dry.

In comparison to dry cleaning, dry cleaning is basically a surface cleaning method. It is generally used for high traffic areas that need to dry quickly. it provides a cleaning, but not a deep cleaning like steam cleaning does. 

Tips To Save

  1. Vacuuming often – Vacuuming often can help keep debris clear from your carpet therefore, lengthening the time needed to have your carpet cleaned. 
  2. Spot cleaning – Like vacuuming, cleaning heavy dirty spots along with vacuuming, can also help prolong the time needed before your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned. 
  3. No shoes – Shoes 10 to track in a lot of dirt and debris and when you don’t wear shoes less debris gets collected in the carpet. Therefore, you don’t need to get your carpet cleaned as often. 

Find more tips at the Penny Hoarder

Next Steps

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