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For most, a deck is an integral part of the home. This is where many spend a lot of time, whether it is just to sit and enjoy the outdoors or having people over. No matter what you use your deck for, deck maintenance is important for looks and safety.

Deck Maintenance is the means of keeping your deck in good working order to prevent any breakage and minimize warping which can create tripping hazards through the means of regular cleaning along with staining or painting to help protect it.

Cost of Deck Maintenance

There are a few different methods of maintaining your deck to keep it in its top look and durability. Regular cleaning is the most important. Keeping your deck clear of debris can help your deck stay at its peak for a much longer time.

Regular Cleaning

The easiest way to keep your deck clean is to clean up after spills. Spilling drinks and dropping food like watermelon can reduce the water content which remains on the deck and therefore reduce the potential deterioration of the deck.

On top of cleaning up after spills, simply sweeping can help make a big difference in the decking material lifespan. Over time, leaves, dirt and other debris can cause water to collect compromising the decking material. Sweeping helps prevent this from happening. 

Regular washing is another helpful thing you can do to prolong the decking material from becoming compromised. Washing helps remove that dirt and debris.


Depending on your decking material, a different cleaner may be needed. Some cleaners are made to brighten while others are made to deep clean.

Dirty wood Decks

To dissolve the dirt and grime  for wood decks, you can get an all-purpose cleaner. These are usually pre-mixed and can be used without any dissolving or mixing.

Weathered Wood Decks

Have you ever had your deck look like it has a dull grey coating over your sealed deck? This is weathering that occurs and can be easily taken care of through some simple decking maintenance and a restorative cleaner made for these issues.

Deep Cleaner

For those decks which have mildew and or mold, there is a cleaner which helps do a deep cleaning and kill that mold. These cleaners are usually not to be rinsed off so they can penetrate and kill everything off. 

Composite Cleaner

Finally, for those of you who have composite decking, there is a special cleaner to help remove the dirt and grime. Many of these cleaners leave a light film to help repel water and protect the decking.

For further detailed information on these cleaners and more cleaners for painted decks, please have a look at Bob Vila’s site for Deck Cleaners.


Next Steps

Deck maintenance sometimes requires a little more than just a cleaner being used. Sometimes you need to have it power washed. If power washing is not done right, it can hurt your decking material more than help it. It is suggested to have a decking company come and assess your deck’s integrity and what level of cleaning may be needed.

Look below for some of our deck maintenance companies or check out our listings for decking companies in your area.

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